Choosing the best desk for you
by Todd Hecker - Published on 9/12/2021 00:30

Your desk is probably the most essential piece of furniture in your home. The current work-from-home trend is here to stay, and creating a space that increases productivity is vital. Modern workspaces need to integrate multiple functionalities to be best suited to your needs. The advent of technology in every aspect of work-life dictates the features that your desk should have. Be it a solid wood executive desk, a writing desk, a sit-stand desk, or an Amish roll-top desk, and it should sync with your personality and enhance your work style!

It is a good idea to look at each function your desk performs to understand which style is best suited to your needs.

Does your desk suit your work style?

Figure out your work style to nail the desk type you need. If your work entails a lot of computer work, you might need a writing desk that has a designated space for all your needs. There should be room for the monitor, keyboard, and mouse along with a printer/scanner. If you need a computer tower, there should be a shelf for it built into the desk. A pull-out keyboard tray may help save precious space.

Wires can be the bane of any workstation. Therefore, it would be best to choose a desk with channels and cable grommets or built in outlet to accommodate the various cables and wires that keep your gadgets connected securely.

On the other hand, if you are a paperwork-friendly person, you need a desk that has a larger surface. You may need to layout papers and files to work efficiently. A built-in storage space, drawers, and shelf for storage may be the answer to your filing woes. Also, a pullout writing pad might provide additional working space.

How much desk space do you need?

Space is essential to work efficiently. You must know how much space you ideally need before you search for features and designs. Your desk should be the right size for your room to look good. Efficient space utilization, easy access to the desk, proximity to electrical outlets, and a strong Wi-Fi signal are necessary. After all, all the good work would go to waste if you cannot access the internet from your workspace. 

Always choose a desk that fits your space to work comfortably. It may help if you have the room's layout you plan to place your desk with accurate measurements to choose wisely.

Is the desk ergonomically considered?

You will most likely spend a lot of time at your desk. Therefore, you should check out the ergonomic considerations before finalizing the design and style. The desk should be uber functional while offering comfort too. Back pain and stress are common in people who spend a lot of time at their desks. The following features can be an antidote to repetitive strains.

  • Choose a desk that has optimal leg clearance. The desk should feel comfortable when you lay you lay your hands flat on its surface with your elbows at a 90-degree angle. 
  • Your computer monitor should be twenty to thirty inches from your face to minimize eye strain. The top of the monitor should be at eye level. A pull-out keyboard tray can be helpful. If your keyboard is placed on the table, it may be a tad uncomfortable and cause shoulder pain. The pull-out shelf will ensure that you can keep your forearms straight while typing and save you all kinds of muscle strains!
  • Choose a comfortable chair to go with your desk. Armrests, lumbar support, and a swivel action can make sitting for long periods bearable. Do not forget to short walks to ease that back every hour or so to stay pain-free!
  • A Sit-stand desk may be the answer to your back strain. Recent studies have reported that standing while working may reduce back pain and keep you more alert. Standing desks are also shown to decrease the likelihood of hip problems caused by excessive sitting.

Choose wisely to stay active and pain-free even when you have to spend long hours at your desk.


· The material of your desk is important

Your personal style is reflected by the material you choose for a desk. Wood, glass, laminates, and metal are some of the commonly used materials to create desks. Solid wood desks are some of the most timeless and long lasting desks available. Amish furniture makers use the best quality hard woods to construct your furniture. If timeless elegance is your style, you might choose dark woods with grain and sheen that blend with the rest of your décor. Superior artistry makes your desk durable and sturdy. 

Your desk should match your personality. Choose one that is functional, ergonomic, and fits the décor and space constraints perfectly.

The style of your desk is the ultimate consideration

Usability of design, structure, shape, and style is the cornerstone to buying a suitable desk. The many styles you can choose from are as follows:

  • Writing desks: These usually feature a large and clear work surface. They are the ideal choice for housing a laptop as well as allow space for paperwork. Writing desks are often conservative and best placed against a wall.
  • Executive desks: A classic style with a large surface area and plenty of storage in drawers. It is stylish, grand, and elegant with a massive footprint. The traditional executive desk is available in many shapes. You can choose a rectangular desk, an L-shaped desk, or even a U-shaped one. One new concept is a L-desk with a sit-stand section.
  • Roll top desks: This style has a hood that rolls down the surface and keeps your stuff secure. It may not be especially suited to computer work unless the cubby drawers are customized, but are perfect when you are a paperwork person who uses a lot of small things when working. The roll-top desk looks beautiful and can be an excellent addition to your home or workspace.
  • Computer desk: This functional piece of furniture is built to be efficient. It is the best choice if you are looking to use a computer that comes with all accessories. These desks can be highly functional as well as being attractive.
  • Sit-stand desks: These desks may be the answer to health issues that arise from sitting for extended periods. You may go for one that is static or a design that allows you to lower or elevate the tabletop. A stool is a good option if you need to sit for a while.

The bottom line

A desk is an accessory that you will use for a long time. Hence, it is a good idea to make an intelligent choice after deliberating on all angles. Your work partner should be elegant, fit your style, space, personality and be functional and durable as well.

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