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Amish Oak Wall Shelves

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Amish oak shelves

Hand Crafted Beauty! The best made cherry and solid oak shelves on the Internet. You can find almost any oak wall shelf that you are looking for. We also carry a nice selection of plate shelf and quilt shelf.
Mirrors / Wallhangings / Other

All Amish Made! You'll be proud to display these hand crafted mirrors and wallhangings in your home.
Specialty Shelves / Displays

Unique, Sturdy & Timeless. We are bound to have just the hand crafted oak shelf you are looking for. Check out our oak flag displays.
Coat Rack

Our Wooden Coat Racks are hand crafted one at a time by Amish builders. You will not find a better constructed wall coat rack. We also carry a wide selection of standing coat racks that are stylish and built to last.

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Our Price: $38.00

Wall Tree - 2 Hook
Measures 14 1/2" High

Our Price: $119.89

Oak Baseball Display Case with Glass
Measures 22" Wide x 20 1/2" High

Our Price: $34.00

Double Brass Hook Wall Rack
Measures 12" Wide

Our Price: $33.00

Oak Candelabra
Measures 18" Wide x 9" High

Our Price: $69.89

Oak Captain Shelves
Available in three lengths, 36 in., 48 in., and 60 in.. All Shelves measure 6 1/4 in. x deep. See Dropdown Menu for Size Options.

Our Price: $189.98

Oak Full Length Mirror with Rosettes
Measures 19 in. Wide x 62 in. High

Our Price: $79.98

Oak Race Car Display Rack
Measures 20" Wide x 20" High

Our Price: $69.00

Oak Knick Knack Display
Measures 20" Wide x 15 1/2" High

Our Price: $59.89

Oak Spoon Rack
Available in Regular & Large Sizes. See Dropdown Menu for Size Options.

Our Price: $36.89

Oak Country Style Coat Racks
Available in 2-Hook, 3-Hook, 4-Hook, 5-Hook & 7-Hook Sizes. See Dropdown Menu for Size Options.

Our Price: $69.89

Oak Molding Mantel Shelf
Available in 2-Foot, 3-Foot, 4-Foot widths. Handcrafted out of Solid Oak.

Our Price: $79.00

Oak Wall Tree
The Oak Wall Tree Measures 19" High. Hand crafted quality.

Our Price: $48.98

Oak Corner Speaker Shelf
The Oak Corner Speaker Shelf is available in 3 sizes. Handcrafted out of solid oak in the USA.

Our Price: $169.98

Rustic Wall Shelf
The Rustic Wall Shelf is a perfect complement to other rustic decor. It measures 17 in. wide x 9 in. deep x 14 3/4 in. high.

Our Price: $69.89

Oak 5-Hook Shelf
This handcrafted oak shelf measures 32 in. Wide x 11 in. High.

Our Price: $49.98

Oak Rectangular Speaker Shelf
The Oak Rectangular Speaker Shelf is crafted out of soild oak. It measures 17 in. Wide x 10 1/2 in. Deep x 6 in. High.

Our Price: $68.98

Maple Shaker Shelf
The Maple Shaker Shelf combines classic Shaker style with a espresso maple finish.

Our Price: $29.89

Baseball Glove Shelf
The Perfect Complement to the Gold Glove Winner's Room! Measures 11 in. Wide.

Our Price: $399.89

Hanging Corner Wall Curio Cabinet
Free Shipping - Give us a corner and we'll make the room! Surround your treasures with glass and wood pleasure.